Vocabulary Competition

How does it work?

This year the Vocabulary Competition is a House Competition which counts towards the House Cup. In your teaching set there will be roughly the same number of people in your House. The Houses work across Year 7. So there will be people in your House in your form, on your bus… Work together to learn the words each week. The points for your House from all the teaching groups are added up together. The grand total will be put up each week by the International Leaders on their notice board. The grand final (later in the year) will be live on stage. Click here to get an idea.

What words are we learning?

Week 1: Animals. Your teacher will give you the list of words to learn and tell you when the competition is for your class. If you want to listen to how they are pronounced, this document animal vocab with sound contains the words and an embedded sound file. DOUBLE click on the sound icon. If the sound doesn’t work on your computer, look on Show My Homework (find the Quick Link on http://www.northgate.norfolk.sch.uk/index.asp

Week 2: Family Here’s a document with the words, including a sound file with a recording of how to pronounce them: famille with sound

Week 3: Numbers 1 to 20. Click here to open a document tha includes a sound recording: 3 numbers with sound

Week 4: Adjectives. Click here to see the words and hear them: 4 adjectives

Week 5: Classroom words: 5 classroom with sound

What should I do to learn the words?

You need to try lots of different ways of learning words, to find the ways that suit you best. If you can, it really helps to work with someone else. You can test each other.

Some people like to draw pictures, make snap cards, or just write the words out over and  over. Other people like to listen and repeat. Or you may think of crazy word-associations that help fix the word in your memory.

You need to remember what the word means, how to spell it, and how to say it. You may need to concentrate on one of these at a time and use different techniques.

Work hard, and good luck!


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