Vocabulary and Homework

Year 7
Make sure you have looked at the key “Sounds” document on the Resources for Learning page.

Year 7
Look on the Vocabulary Competition page for the words to learn each week from September to Christmas.

If you want to do a bit of extra work, try this:
Northgate Y7 Unit 1 and 2 vocab

Year 7 Unit 3 (Shops and cafe) click here food join the dots for a join the dots revision activity.

Year 7 Unit 4 (My House) click here rooms in house pics French for a picture vocabulary sheet for the rooms of the house.

Year 8
Look on the Resources for Learning page for the sheet that has ALL the French you need for the whole year. Print it off and stick it on your fridge!.

Here are the words for the vocabulary section of your En Ville unit test. These are the words that will be in your test. Learn as many as you can. Y8 vocab en ville

Year 8 Unit 1. En Ville. Places in town:
Y8 Unit 1 vocab Y8 vocab en villeand Year 8 Unit 1 vocab 2 Check these carefully. Sometimes the computer you download them on to will spell check them and take the accents off cinema and hotel. Put them back on!!

Year 8 Unit 2. School Subjects:Year 8 Unit 2 vocab revision

Past tense verbs for talking about free time. Here’s a Make Your Own Past Tense Verbs At Home to Amuse and Amaze Your Friends kit. Make your own past tense verbs at home kit
Here are some verbs to put into your verb machine:verb machine

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  1. Great issue, I didn’t think reading this was going to be so cool when I saw your link.

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