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Greenscreen Days

The two greenscreen filming days were amazing. Thank you to everyone involved: technicians, teachers, language leaders, and all the pupils. It did turn into a bit of a Michael Jackson event on the second day, with lots of tributes. Some of the videos that have puppets are up on Teacher Tube, click on the links to see them: The beach Michael Vader Ed and Tim, I managed to rescue the Beach one and the Incompetent Weatherman one. I have written up some notes greenscreen filming in case people in other schools want to try something similar – it was certainly the craziest 2 days I have had in a long while. Oh, and look in the Dereham and Fakenham Times today for the photos of the French café last week.


Greenscreen filming days

Year 8: Please note the Greenscreen will actually be blue. If you wear uniform, you will be invisible too! The day will be non-uniform for this reason. Please check the board in the hall for your group.

The day will start in the hall for a launch assembly.

Lesson 1 and 2: Scripting, rehearsing, making props/puppets, finding background pictures.

Lesson 3: Filming

Lesson 4: Making the greenscreen transparent

Lesson 5: In the hall to view the films