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Spanish Exchange

The Funny Tortoises are back from Spain. Everyone cried when we left except Hannah (who is cool at all times), especially when R’s Spanish person’s little sister gave her a card she had made for her. It was odd getting back to England and not getting on our Leza bus, and everyone was speaking English!


Spanish Exchange

Are you ready? Please take good shoes and warm clothes. Check your phone has roaming status enabled so it will work abroad. Put your make up and any pastes or liquids (including medicine) in your suitcase. Weigh your suitcase so you don’t have to pay extra. Show your parents where you are staying on google street view. Take a little note book so you can write notes to each other on the bus in Spanish. Buy your euros. Don’t forget your trousers this year!

The European Day of Languages MacMillan Jamie Oliver Pass It On Spanish Guess Who event

Guess Who005Friday 25th September was European Day of Languages and MacMillan Coffee Morning. Year 10 Spanish organised a “Pass it on” style activity to teach staff some Spanish using the popular “Guess Who” game to raise money for MacMillan.