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Norwich Castle French Story Telling Day

Well done – you worked hard and got it all finished on the day. I look forward to reading your stories, even the ones with princesses in!

What was it all about? A group of Year 9 pupils went to the castle. They spent an hour exploring the museum, looking out for exhibits that grabbed their attention. Then they wrote a story (or play or quizz) based around the exhibits they had chosen. They had to use their French creatively, with new vocabulary and using their understanding of how French works in order to express themselves. Their stories will be a resource (in French) for visitors to the museum to enjoy.


Norwich Castle French Study Day

March 18th 14 pupils will be in the Castle, working on a resource in French for visitors to the castle. They will spend an hour looking round the museum, making notes on exhibits that grab their attention. Then they will go to the secret classroom up the mysterious stairs and write a picture story based on their chosen exhibits. Visitors will be able to follow the story as they go around the museum.

If you are one of the pupils involved, please make sure you do the questionnaire before the day – see your confirmation letter.