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Languages on Film day at Anglia Ruskin

Working hard on different sorts of cuts: matchcuts, cross cutting, montage, fade, straight cut, dissolve, wipe, cut away… to tell the story in an arresting way. Let’s hope Josh was paying attention because we are filming tomorrow! Matthew bring the batteries, Josh bring the stills camera, tripod, and promise your science teacher you will catch up all the work!

I think Josh must have been paying attention because if you look at the video the pupils made on the day at Anglia Ruskin, it is a fantastic piece of editing to make the chase work as a narrative: Click here to see the film.


Languages on Film Project

Another exciting day in Cambridge, this time working on using a sequence of different shots to tell a simple story in an effective way. Thanks to all at Anglia Ruskin and Routes into Languages – the expert input is making a real difference to our film. And we now have the lycra catsuit we needed, so watch this space!

Language on film

Spent a very busy day in Cambridge yesterday being a media student! It was in preparation for the Language On Film competition that is being run by Routes into Languages with Anglia Ruskin University and with Rachel Hawkes. Here isthe one minute video my team made on Teacher Tube. I put a note in Y8 registers this morning looking for teams to make films next year. The best films will be premiered at the Cambridge Arts Picture House next July. If you are in the Norfolk ALL network and are interested in the project/competition, then contact me and I’ll let you know the details. There is a wiki where we are going to keep in touch. Thanks to Sarah, Sarah, Leigh and Rachel. It was great to have the expert input to really show us how to make a difference!