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Languages Challenge

Well done to everyone who took part in the Routes into Languages Challenge. It was great to give you all your certificates and prizes. I see at least one Mentor included her Languages Challenge Mentor certificate in her Head Girl application – well done and good luck.

Thanks to Sarah Schechter and Tony Morgan from Routes East for making it through the traffic to celebrate all your languages activity, and thanks to Red Herring/Red Snapper (Learning Curve) for the prizes.

Julia sang us a beautiful song in French and English, Sam eventually made it back from the chip shop to do the sound, and all in all it was a lovely occasion to end the school year! I know Sarah took some photos, so watch this space.



A great morning filming the Languages in Film project. Good acting, nice French, lots of technical issues sorted, and no falling out. Plus you got to miss Spanish (and RE, sorry). It’s going to take a bit of editing to make it look good, but Josh is pretty good at that.

Languages on Film day at Anglia Ruskin

Working hard on different sorts of cuts: matchcuts, cross cutting, montage, fade, straight cut, dissolve, wipe, cut away… to tell the story in an arresting way. Let’s hope Josh was paying attention because we are filming tomorrow! Matthew bring the batteries, Josh bring the stills camera, tripod, and promise your science teacher you will catch up all the work!

I think Josh must have been paying attention because if you look at the video the pupils made on the day at Anglia Ruskin, it is a fantastic piece of editing to make the chase work as a narrative: Click here to see the film.

The Northgate Routes into Languages Challenge Sponsored by Learning Curve Software

The Languages Challenge is live!
If you want to take part, see Mr Everett and:
1. Pick up your portfolio and the list of challenges
2. Pick a Mentor to help you keep going
3. Start the challenges
4. Work towards a valuable certificate and a prize at the Awards day

See the Languages Challenge page on this website for more information. Remember, you can do the Challenge in any language you are learning or speak (other than English).

Film Day at Anglia Ruskin University

I’m here at Anglia Ruskin University with Josh Whitnall making a crazy film in French with some pupils from Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire and KEGS (Chelmsford). Click here to watch it on Teachertube. This film is just a practice for the one Josh and the team are going to be making this year for the Routes into Languages East Languages Competition with a final screening at Cambridge Arts Picture House.

Language on film

Spent a very busy day in Cambridge yesterday being a media student! It was in preparation for the Language On Film competition that is being run by Routes into Languages with Anglia Ruskin University and with Rachel Hawkes. Here isthe one minute video my team made on Teacher Tube. I put a note in Y8 registers this morning looking for teams to make films next year. The best films will be premiered at the Cambridge Arts Picture House next July. If you are in the Norfolk ALL network and are interested in the project/competition, then contact me and I’ll let you know the details. There is a wiki where we are going to keep in touch. Thanks to Sarah, Sarah, Leigh and Rachel. It was great to have the expert input to really show us how to make a difference!