Get into the habit of checking this page for help, worksheets and homework.

Year 9. Vocabulary learning. In class we whizz through, looking at pronunciation and rules, making sentences. Watch out! It’s easy to get to Christmas and feel as if you’ve done lots of Spanish but not really learnt any. Make sure you do your learning homework.

Click here for a list of useful food vocabulary. While you are there, you might think about downloading the Interlex software. It tests you on lists of words and remembers which ones you need testing on again. You may like this too, to listen to some different food words.

Open this document for the words you meet at the beginning of Year 9:
Sp vocab homework 1

Year 10

Spanish Grammar Booklet. Known as the Matthew booklet. Spanish grammar .

At parents’ evening, did I say you needed to do more to learn words at home? Why not look at lingolex ? It has lists of vocabulary for the things we have been doing: Describing people, Places in town… Of course, if you want a site that tests you with fun games, use linguascope. You should have the username and password written in your planner.

Worried you need more of the basics? Days, months, colours… Try Spanishspanish. Digital dialects is good too.

Year 11

Revising topics for the reading and listening exam? Here’s vocab lists plus reading activities:
emotions and relationships
y11 environment
Las vacaciones

Accidentes y el Cuerpo

mi barrio

health young old

More less same

Click here to learn the parts of the body with lingolex or if you realise after your Mocks you need to work on learning jobs and professions, click here. Have a good look at the links above for other year groups.

For Listening, go to . Click on the TV section and watch a TV programme in Spanish. Click on Text for the transcript, so your brain can practise hearing words not noises.

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