Pupils’ Work

The child’s book project – producing a Child’s Book in French for Oak Class at Lyng Primary School produced some wonderful books. In particular “L’anniversaire de Dragon”.front cover dragon book
happy birthday dragon
I’m playing football
I’m going shopping
I’m going swimming
I’m watching TV
They’ve all forgotten
back cover

More work from 8T – your word tree:

We’ll stick your pictures on and then it’s going up in the foyer. We’ll need a big ladder, but it will be worth it!

Work from 9N – could have been any of you really, but I like this one because I showed it to your dad and he went “oh, yes, very nice” and wandered off. Half an hour later he came back to find me and said, “Hang on, she’s only been doing Spanish for half a year 3 lessons a fortnight”. I like it when people are gobsmacked. And thanks for Mrs C for taking the lesson. Perhaps I should be away more often if this is what happens! Watch out for: How she throws you into the action with clever use of direct speech, coherent paragraphs, clever combination of tenses to create convincing narrative, personal touches…

More work from 8T – the ski slope writing activity that has become a Twitter sensation. Twitter sensation - ski slope

ski slope twitter sensationTwitter sensation MMF Ski Slope

Here’s a joke Matthew (8T) wrote and got the headteacher to record. You’ll see why when you get to the punchline. Open the word document and then click on the mp3 file: Matthew’s joke

Year 9 Television Show comments. Look at the bottom of this page. You will find a box where you can type in your comments. It will ask for your email address, but I will delete this before your comment goes live.

We are keen for our pupils to create work for a real audience. On this page you can see some of the work pupils produce at Northgate. Please leave encouraging comments for them!

Here’s some of the work 8E did on “Living in Dereham”. You can see the party where they showed off their work on the Front Page. Click on the thumbnail to read what Lucy wrote. LT j'aime habiter a Dereham

And here is something Mr C T wrote about bionicles: J’aime habiter a Dereham Mr C T

Mr TK (now in Year 9, but in Y8 when he recorded this). I went into the classroom and he said “Sir, I can speak French now” so I recorded him improvising something about why he likes Dereham: Mr TK

Emma (year 9 when she wrote this). Emma started Spanish in Y9, just 3 lessons a fortnight, but by the end of the year she could write this: in my free time

Child’s Story Book Project: In Year 9, pupils create a children’s story book in French for a local primary school. Here is one created by Mr C Wells. He actually made it when he was in Year 10, but it’s a great example of what you can do. If you are in Year 9, make sure you look at this before you start writing yours! tres agreable

And here’s a little story in Spanish by Stacey and Chelsea: stacey and chelsea’s story

3 responses to “Pupils’ Work

  1. Theresa O'Brien

    Excellent! J’adore les images!

  2. Super! Formidable!

  3. le film est magnifique et c’est tres drôle

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