Our Curriculum

Explore the projects you will be doing in Year 7 and see examples of pupils’ work in this interactive walk-through: A walk through Year 7 French

Here’s the Walk-through for Year 8 French. It’s an interactive powerpoint so you can explore the projects you will be doing: Year 8 French Walk Through

Year 9. Here’s what Year 9 is going to look like. You’ll be doing most of these projects this year… some are for next year! Year 9 French Walk Through

Northgate High School and the New Secondary Curriculum for Languages

 The MFL Curriculum at Northgate has been developed in response to focus group interviews with Key Stage 3 pupils. As a result we have made major changes to how we teach and what pupils study. Read about what pupils said and what we now do: nsc at ngte This document explains how Northgate High School has implemented the New Secondary Curriculum as a series of projects where pupils can use their French for real.

Two years on from the original focus group interviews, I started a new round. Here is what they say now. focus groups summer 09 . There is a real change in how the pupils talk about their learning. Interestingly it is not focused on the Projects, but on the changes to their learning that we put in place in order to make the creative projects possible.

2 responses to “Our Curriculum

  1. This makes so much sense! We are hoping to do something similar next year – thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

  2. Hello there Northgate School
    Thank you for posting all of the information around your curriculum review, we are just embarking on a similar thing here in Prague and what you have written is very helpful and certainly worth reading. I have a question – could you give me some more information about how you organised your Focus Groups? I am about to set some up here. Can I ask- did you plan questions and conduct it like an interview, or just leave students to talk amongst themselves? What type of questions did you ask? If you could email me I would be grateful if I could pursue this with you further. Thank you very much!
    Kind regards
    Sarah Ford

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