The Francovision Song Contest is for pupils in Year 7. When you start French at Northgate some of you have already done some French, some of you haven’t. We like to start with something completely different.

The rules: Each group learns a real French pop song off by heart. They perform it to camera, then the films are shown in assembly. Each year group votes and a winner is chosen.

The important things we want you to be good at in French are:
Learning off by heart
Knowing how to pronounce French words
Thinking of French as real communication, not just in lessons
Enjoying French culture

5 responses to “Francovision

  1. Thank you for putting this song on for me Sir.
    Thanks again

  2. 7G are doing ‘Ma Valise’ by Dorothee. We have filmed the song and had a great time! It was so fun learning a song in French and all getting to dress up in our holiday props. The song is about a French girl packing her suitcase to go on holiday and all the things she put in it. 7G really enjoyed filming our song and I would like to thank Madam Moyle for choosing a brilliant song and it letting us look forward to our French lessons.

    Katie 7G

  3. Will we be able to see our videos on the website?

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