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European Award for Languages

Thursday was an exciting day at Northgate. We were visited by the adjudicators for the European Award for Languages. We have been shortlisted, and we would love to win an award. The adjudicators were Glenis Shaw, Professor Barry Jones and Alan Moys. But the stars of the show were Kate, Jordan and James who did us proud. They talked intelligently and enthusiastically about Northgate and their language-learning in an extremely mature and articulate manner. Well done! The awards ceremony is at the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal) if we get through!


Spanish Exchange

The Funny Tortoises are back from Spain. Everyone cried when we left except Hannah (who is cool at all times), especially when R’s Spanish person’s little sister gave her a card she had made for her. It was odd getting back to England and not getting on our Leza bus, and everyone was speaking English!

Norwich Castle French Story Telling Day

Well done – you worked hard and got it all finished on the day. I look forward to reading your stories, even the ones with princesses in!

What was it all about? A group of Year 9 pupils went to the castle. They spent an hour exploring the museum, looking out for exhibits that grabbed their attention. Then they wrote a story (or play or quizz) based around the exhibits they had chosen. They had to use their French creatively, with new vocabulary and using their understanding of how French works in order to express themselves. Their stories will be a resource (in French) for visitors to the museum to enjoy.

Spanish Exchange

Are you ready? Please take good shoes and warm clothes. Check your phone has roaming status enabled so it will work abroad. Put your make up and any pastes or liquids (including medicine) in your suitcase. Weigh your suitcase so you don’t have to pay extra. Show your parents where you are staying on google street view. Take a little note book so you can write notes to each other on the bus in Spanish. Buy your euros. Don’t forget your trousers this year!

Norwich Castle French Study Day

March 18th 14 pupils will be in the Castle, working on a resource in French for visitors to the castle. They will spend an hour looking round the museum, making notes on exhibits that grab their attention. Then they will go to the secret classroom up the mysterious stairs and write a picture story based on their chosen exhibits. Visitors will be able to follow the story as they go around the museum.

If you are one of the pupils involved, please make sure you do the questionnaire before the day – see your confirmation letter.

Waterskiing squirrel

I don’t think enough of you have noticed the Waterskiing squirrel link on the sidebar. Obviously if you had, you would have clicked on it. Yes, it really is a water skiiing squirrel, and yes it really is a great site for learning more French!

Languages Challenge Meeting

Please come to the library at 12.30 on Friday the 12th. You can meet your mentor, show what you’ve done so far, make sure you’ve got enough evidence, and plan what to do next.


A great morning filming the Languages in Film project. Good acting, nice French, lots of technical issues sorted, and no falling out. Plus you got to miss Spanish (and RE, sorry). It’s going to take a bit of editing to make it look good, but Josh is pretty good at that.

Languages Challenge

I now have portfolios for everyone on the list. I will be arranging a (rather large) meeting next week. We need to match you up with your mentors. We need to make sure you are all getting started. And we need to make sure you are keeping enough evidence to show the panel at the end.

Ideas that I’ve heard going on so far: grammar guides, treasure hunts in the library, bluetoothing French sound files to mobile phones, recipes, ds games in French, websites, songs, films…

Languages on Film day at Anglia Ruskin

Working hard on different sorts of cuts: matchcuts, cross cutting, montage, fade, straight cut, dissolve, wipe, cut away… to tell the story in an arresting way. Let’s hope Josh was paying attention because we are filming tomorrow! Matthew bring the batteries, Josh bring the stills camera, tripod, and promise your science teacher you will catch up all the work!

I think Josh must have been paying attention because if you look at the video the pupils made on the day at Anglia Ruskin, it is a fantastic piece of editing to make the chase work as a narrative: Click here to see the film.