Francovision Winners

Well done to 7A – you were voted the winners of Francovision 2011. We loved the singing and the acting and the err… costumes? A few statistics:
7A are the first A group to win. Previous winners were 2008 7T, 2009 7N, 2010 7T
This is a first win for Mrs King, with previous winners Mr Everett, Mrs Schwabe and Mrs Bennett.
Miss Shepheard holds the record for most groups in the final – maybe one of her groups will win next year!

Thanks to all the groups and to the International Leaders for a great competition.


2 responses to “Francovision Winners

  1. Nadine Chadier

    Could you share with me what songs they sung and performed in French please?

    • I think the best place to try for a list of songs is by googling RachelHawkes and Spanglo/Franco vision. I know Rachel asked for lists of songs from all the schools. We’ve used
      Le Monde Entier est un cactus
      Fais pas ci fais pas ca (very fast)
      Aux champs elysees
      That suitcase song
      Sous un meme drapeau
      Fais vite (or something)
      Good luck!

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