Y9 After School Reboot Club

Well done, I really enjoyed yesterday’s extra French. I loved the way your French kit turned out the same as your models:

Meccanno, you can build anything you like but it’s tricky and your digger scoop was too heavy for the body. Your French was similar. Lots of good stuff but kind of stuck together so that when you read it, the overall shape was unbalanced.

Lego. You could build anything you liked as long as it was a car. It was easy to build and then you made it look flash with lights etc. Your French was the same. Carefully built, but with lots of flashy bits like past and future and you even customised your kit with “if it is sunny”.

Paper plane. Could only make a plane. Easy but not much fun. But it did fly.

And remember what I did to that model glider. You have lost, broken or thrown away all the French you’ve been learning. Or you just didn’t understand what it was for in the first place.

Now you have your French kit, and you know how to use it… Next week “Pimp my French”!


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