Languages World

This post is for any teachers who go to our session at the Association for Language Learning’s Language World conference at Imperial College this week. Most of the things we talk about are here on languagesatnorthgate somewhere. And while it’s good to browse and see what else you can find, you may be looking for something more specific. So here goes:

For Projects with tangible outcomes, see the Linkedup ONE page, and also this front page for news of the projects as they happened.
For an overview of the activities that go with the Keep Talking sheet, see the Linkedup TWO page – the adult learners in lessons document.
The Booklets page will have more stuff on different topics in French.
For German resources click on the link in the Blogroll to the Vincent Everett Page on the London branch of ALL website.
For the Cake and Snow posters, see Linkedup ONE.
For the Fridge Sheet, see Resources for Learning
For things like the skislope and the tree and the children’s book, see Pupils’ Work.

I think that’s nearly everything, but if you are on the mflresources forum you may pick up things as I post them as I go along.

Hope the session proves interesting and worthwhile.


One response to “Languages World

  1. REALLY enjoyed your session yesterday – I left feeling completely refreshed and invigorated! Would be grateful if you could put your ppt on here somewhere – I’d like to pass on this feeling to my colleagues!

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