Year 11 – thinking of doing Spanish at A Level? Or French?

I always say that AS Languages is for people who are bored of GCSE! You are good at the language, and you want something more intellectually challenging to talk about. At AS, you will look at what interests young people in Spain or France: How are they different from you? How are they different from our stereotypes? How can you get to make your own mind up? Things like Spanish or French TV, music, films, lifestyle, relationships… As well as the language, you want to fall in love with the country, the culture, the people. And go on the exchange (again).

The Languages Team at Dereham 6th Form is a particularly strong one, with teachers from Neatherd and from Northgate who enjoy working together and with their students. Ever since I arrived at Dereham, I was immediately impressed by the focus on hard work and success at the Sixth Form. The students who choose to continue studying a language appreciate an environment that really supports hard work and ambition. In languages, we want you to aim high: Speak fluently, read widely, deal with intellectual ideas, be independent. We also know that this doesn’t just happen. We know what level you are at when you finish GCSE, and we can help you step by step to success at AS/A2.

And if it’s Spanish you want to study, most other 6th forms near(ish) here, use a text book written by Mr Everett anyway! Click here for more information on Spanish: Spanish at Dereham 6th Form


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