Adult Learners in Year 9

Of course all our Year 9s act like adults, but if you are in 9N or 9G, you will have parents starting Spanish with you. They are keen to learn Spanish, and it’s important you get that message too. You have a year to really get up to speed in a new language, and we all need to act like adults from the word go – even me. Hope you enjoy it and work hard!

If you are in 9N, G, O or A, you will be doing a short course GCSE in French this year. It will really focus your work and show what you can do. Last year we had a few Bs and lots of Cs and Ds. This year we want to do even better!

If you are in 9R, 9T, 9L or 9E, then you will be doing an FCSE in French. You will get a certificate at the end of the year to show how good you are!


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