Wymondham College Speaking Competition

I was at Wymondham College today – they asked me to be one of the judges!! The presentations were all fantastic and gave me loads to think about, and maybe some of you who have good ideas would like to let me know what you think too…?

The presentations were of different types:
Straight forward talk similar to what you learn at school
School French made interesting with interaction – an interview or an argument
School French made interesting with a quirky situation
School French made funny with a clever twist at the end
People who did not use their school French. They got hold of a script (teacher? computer translator?) and learned it and delivered it well.

What do you think about this last approach? Do you think we should do more activities where we give you really quite complex language, make sure you know what it means, and make you learn it and get good at presenting it? You would have to stick to the script rather than be creative, but you might learn some interesting words along the way? Let me know what you think.

We ought to enter the competition next year!


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