Languages on Film day at Anglia Ruskin

Working hard on different sorts of cuts: matchcuts, cross cutting, montage, fade, straight cut, dissolve, wipe, cut away… to tell the story in an arresting way. Let’s hope Josh was paying attention because we are filming tomorrow! Matthew bring the batteries, Josh bring the stills camera, tripod, and promise your science teacher you will catch up all the work!

I think Josh must have been paying attention because if you look at the video the pupils made on the day at Anglia Ruskin, it is a fantastic piece of editing to make the chase work as a narrative: Click here to see the film.


3 responses to “Languages on Film day at Anglia Ruskin

  1. Not sure about the science bit :P!

  2. Haha good job i looked on here this mornin otherwise we would have been a camera and a tripod down 😛

    • And thinking ahead to Tuesday, we need to have the powerpoint slide ready to roll with the freezeframe photo of Miss L, an eiffel tower pic and the caption in French. And then we can just swap the photo for Mr B and change the caption. We’ll need a way of getting Mr Bs photo straight off the camera and onto the laptop. If you can get on the wiki, then we could do with the filming permissin slips for everyone, particularly S Ford.

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