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Northgate High School, Dereham 
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Spanish Exchange

Well done everyone for really going for it in Spain, with dance lessons, processions, Father’s Day, science lessons, basketball, churros, vultures, storks, kites, eagles, wildboar (Miss) and a possible osprey. All back home in Vegetable Eatingland, getting ready for when the Spanish come over!

Are You Smarter Than…

Well done to everyone who took part in the Live On Stage Final of the Year 7 Vocab Competition: the pupils who represented their teams, the international leaders and the staff who tried to show they were Smarter Than… And the rest of Year 7 for being a great audience and supporting their team and cheering for their favourite teachers.

The winners (just) were Bordeaux and Mrs Harvey took away the Cheese Box trophy for this year. The others were all tied in second place just 10 points behind, so well done!

Photos to follow…

Art work described in French

Year 7 French Art Exhibition at Dereham Windmill throughout March. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


Year 7 French Art Exhibition

Grand Opening Thursday 3rd March 2016 from 4.30 to 5.15.P1050768


Flat Stanleys

P1050680The French Flat Stanleys are on their way back to France wearing their Christmas jumpers. Your English Flat Stanleys will be coming back soon!

Northgate Languages Challenge adopted by the Children’s University

The Children’s University has adopted the Languages Challenge developed at Northgate and is available through Routes into Languages.

Are you smarter than a Year 7?

On Tuesday 8th of March, it is the Live On Stage Final of the Year 7 Vocabulary Competition. The International Leaders will be hosting and the competitors will be your Year 7 form tutors. Check the leader board to see who is in the lead. The top team will get first pick of the teachers!

Year 7 French Exhibition at Dereham Windmill

Year 7, your French work will be on display to the public at Dereham Windmill throughout March 2016. Please check the Windmill’s website for opening hours. They also make a small charge. The public will be able to see the artwork you created, along with the description and your artist’s biography in French. You will have taken home a letter inviting you and your parents and other carers to the Vernissage on Thursday 3rd March from 4.30 to 5.15. Please bring your family along to admire your work! Photos to follow soon!

Year 7 Vocabulary Competition

Your teachers will be putting you into teams: Le Mans, Bordeaux, Paris, Nice. They will be giving you the first set of words to learn. For the first five rounds, the competition will be in class. The final (later in the year) will be live on stage. You can get an idea by clicking here.

If you click the link to the Vocabulary Competition page at the top of this blog, you will find more details. Importantly, you will also find a document containing an mp3 file to make sure you know how to pronounce the words. When you open the document, click on “Enable Content” at the top, then double click on the mp3 file.

If not, then click here for the Northgate High website. Look for the Quick Link for Show My Homework. Then you can find the sound file under Year 7 French homework.

ALL Connect Spontaneous Speaking

Great session on Spontaneous Speaking this week. The Target Language Bingo incentive game is here: TL Bingo .

If you are looking for the Keep Talking Challenge, then look on the Booklets page, particularly under Y8. For German versions, go to the ALL London website: http://www.all-london.org.uk/vincent_everett.htm